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Setup and Reporting

Gain valuable insights and enhance your marketing efforts

Harnessing the power of Google Analytics allows you to gather essential data on website usage, empowering you to boost sales and customer engagement. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with incorrect implementation, leading to skewed data and missed opportunities.

Don’t let your business fall into that trap.

Properly setting up your tracking ensures accurate performance measurement, enabling you to unlock deeper insights, refine your website, optimise campaigns, and shape future strategies. Without reliable data, you’re simply guessing.

Let us take the guesswork out of it for you. We specialise in setting up Google Analytics, installing tracking codes, ensuring precise conversions tracking, and crafting custom reports. Get in touch today to learn more.

We can help increase traffic to your business website
Google Analytics Set-up

Enhance your Google Ads performance with Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics plays a pivotal role in optimising Google Ads campaigns.

By seamlessly linking your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, you gain deeper insights into user behavior, receive comprehensive reports, and unlock invaluable data for refining campaign strategies.

Incorporating Google Analytics conversion metrics into your Google Ads reports provides precise campaign evaluation and enables accurate measurement of advertising ROI.

Moreover, leverage Analytics remarketing lists to target ads towards previous website visitors, such as cart abandoners or non-converters. Alternatively, exclude ads for past purchasers, reallocating your budget for greater impact.

For expert guidance on setting up Google Analytics and integrating it with Google Ads, reach out to us today.

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Benefits of using Google Analytics

  • Unlock the power of website analytics to gain real-time insights into visitor behavior and traffic sources.
  • Track visitor journeys from various channels, including search engines, social media, and email campaigns.
  • Measure online sales and track website goals such as contact form submissions and file downloads accurately.
  • Enhance the ROI of your online marketing endeavors, including Google Ads campaigns, by leveraging precise data analysis.
  • Utilize analytics to refine your website and landing pages for improved performance.
  • Build audience lists based on conversion likelihood and re-engage them through targeted Google Ads remarketing campaigns.

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Absolutely great service and beautiful quality printing. Very happy with the end result.

Melinda Crawford

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Scott helped get our new business get set up with advertising, business cards and his services and workmanship are first class. I highly recommend Vertex Media

Martin Scott

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I thank you very much Scott and will recommend your business to other business owners looking at changing the look of their business or starting up

Tau Mamae

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Scott delivers! We ordered Consignment books. Scott's design and attention to detail were 2nd to none. The pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend Vertex Media. 10/10

Janet Exell

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Absolutely great service.Scott is very easy to deal with, nothing
is a problem.A pleasure to do business with.
Thanks Scott

Charlie Aquilina

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If I could give Scott more Stars I would, I only just called Scott yesterday for Quote Books needing a new design, the design was perfect and went to extra lengths. Its being printed as I write this review just 24 hours later.

Mum Of the house

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I could not be happier with the service that Scott offered. He was very professional and most happy to answer all my silly questions about our website. Now, he is looking after our website as well.

Water N Tipper Hire

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Scott is great to work with. He always thinks outside the box and works closely with us on any marketing ideas! He has built and is manages our websites and we are thrilled with the design and how user friendly and fast the site is! We highly recommend Vertex Media!

Linn Indreboe

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